More Awesome Art: ‘Soft Guerilla’ Weapons by Kyle Bean

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I don’t have a lot of commentary on Kyle Bean’s extremely cool photography project “Soft Guerilla.” It’s equally self

explanatory as it is cool. Check out more of his work over at his website.









G.V.G.V. SP2012 Utterly Fails at “Modern Day PinUp”

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When I saw on Trendland that G.V.G.V.’s spring 2012line was inspired on the “pin-up girl in the modern day” I was

Seriously...? You visited the 1940s and all you got was this lousy dress?

excited. Dear reader, I was MORE than excited. I love pin-up fashion, there’s something about the allure, the class, the femininity around the pin-up mystique  that embodies a fashion, a time period, and a feminine archetype all in one. Which is why you can understand my disappointment at the line that was presented.

Unfortunately instead of capturing all that cool shit I just pontificated about above, the line they gave us only borrowed some of the shape and structure of the 1940s (and we’re talking “inspired by” not “based on a true story”) without any of the BAM! The sexy is missing, the dresses are bulky rather than figure flattering, and there’s an appalling (APPALLING!) amount of plaid and pastel.

I ALMOST like this one...

I guess at least they got the hair right?

Lust List: Mimi Yoon Makes Me Wish I Had Talent…and Money

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Mimi Yoon is an artist I stumbled upon whilst I was taking a blog sabbatical, but I really want to take a minute to call out  her art. It’s sexy, it’s modern, frequently focusing on female figures, she puts feeling into her pieces while keeping the overall aesthetic ultra modern and super sexy (including some classic Japanese tentacle rape with a new twist).

If I made mad cash (which I don’t) I’d buy some GIANT prints of her pieces and scatter them all around my mansion. As it is I’ll settle for some poster sized prints in my studio apartment…

And while surfing her RedBubble site for the images for this post, I discovered that she has one of her prints on a giant billboard in San Francisco! Fucking Awesome!

Historical Mugshots: Does the Year 1880 Make Me Look Fat?

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So first, let me start out this blog post with a nod to one of my favorite podcasts, Stuff I Missed In History Class. From the same folks who bring you How Stuff Works, SYMIHC brings you 20-30 minute podcasts on neat historical people and events. Recently they did a podcast about the history of the Mug Shot that was really interesting. Before mug shots were commonly used to identify criminals exact measurements of various parts of the body were used to try and identify criminals. From the FlavorWire Article:

“The mug shot has, by now, become so universal that it’s hard to imagine a criminal justice system without it. But in the mid-19th century, when photography was still a new medium, there was no standardized record-keeping system in place to help police departments identify repeat criminals. Random daguerreotypes and loose photographs laying around unfiled weren’t cutting it — which is why in the early 1880s, French criminologist Alphonse Bertillon introduced the Paris police force to a standardized method that documented mug shots, body measurements, and in some cases, early finger prints.

That anthropometric Bertillon System, which was a recent subject of the podcast “Stuff You Missed in History Class,” would eventually be replaced with finger printing in the 1910s. But until then, its strange measurements — the width of the head, length of right ear, length of the cubit, etc. — represented huge advances in forensic science and criminal identification in both Europe and the States. “

And check out some of these awesome historical mug shots!! You can see more historical mug shots at Flavorwire.














Banned Speedo Suits: If Speedo and Jean Paul Gaultier Had a Baby. A SEXY baby…

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Speedo LZR swimsuits won their owners 91 swimming world records (including recent gold-medal winner Michael Phelps) before they were banned from competitive use. However the London College of Fashion saw potential in their speedy goodness, and re-purposed the suits into sexy lingerie inspired styles that are built for speed!

All cagey lines and piped tops, these suits remind me of  the beach wear version of Jean Paul Gaultier’s use of caging and piping in his collection featuring Dita Von Teese. Although of course Gaultier is much more

couture and much less “swim.”

That doesn’t stop me from wanting one of these super sexy speedos (who would have ever thought I’d write THAT line?) .

Check out more pics of the suits at TrendLand.

The GRat Escape: Rats In Distress Help Eachother

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In this article from Wired, scientists explain how they’ve come to the conclusion that rats experience some level of empathy for the suffering of their kinfolk. I think it’s interesting how they tried various scenarios to make sure the rats actually cared about the other trapped rats by ruling out “random” escapes. From the article:

“Once rats learned to free their trapped and agitated partners, they did so almost immediately in trial after trial. The behavior was clearly deliberate. When the restrainer was empty, rats ignored it. When stuffed rats were restrained, the rats ignored them. “It’s compelling evidence that it’s the distress of the trapped cagemate motivating this helping behavior,” said Mason. “It is a huge leap up to use emotional contagion to actually do something, to actually help another individual.”

To make sure the rats weren’t responding to some immediate social reward — a rat version of a thank-you hug — the researchers tweaked the apparatus so that trapped rats were released into a separate cage. Again, the rats freed each other. When given the opportunity to eat chocolate treats first, rats were as likely to release their companions first, and even shared the chocolate with them.

“Empathy is a truly powerful motivator, on a par with the desire for chocolate!” said de Waal, who was not involved in the new study.

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Bordelle Lingerie in High Fashion

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MMMMmmmmm….Bordelle lingerie featured in this sexy fashion photoshoot by James Broadhurst.

GOD I wish I could afford their awesome sexy lingerie… too bad their pieces run from around $800US to $1000US

See the NSFW images after the jump

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