This video totally didn’t make me cry…I just have something in my eye

My attention span typically bottoms out after 1 minute and 30 seconds, but this 9 minute video from the kids at Liberty Middle School is totally worth the 9 minute watch.

From WAFF (which I assume is some local news station…):

A video posted by Liberty Middle School students and teachers is getting a lot of positive attention online.

Liberty Middle School’s broadcasting team created a look at what makes us different as students, citizens, and humans.

It’s called “I’m Human,” and the video has already received nearly 10,000 clicks on YouTube.

The video is a collection of people holding signs about themselves, saying things you don’t always hear people say in public. No words are spoken, and the project ends with everyone holding signs saying “I’m human.” The entire clip was shot on iPads and played for the entire school.

“As people were walking out of the school, it was clear that it was the best vibe in the school that had been there all year,” said broadcasting teacher Daniel Whitt. “Everyone was high fiving. People were smiling at each other. People were saying, ‘Hey man loved your sign.'”

~ by N/A on January 17, 2012.

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