G.V.G.V. SP2012 Utterly Fails at “Modern Day PinUp”

When I saw on Trendland that G.V.G.V.’s spring 2012line was inspired on the “pin-up girl in the modern day” I was

Seriously...? You visited the 1940s and all you got was this lousy dress?

excited. Dear reader, I was MORE than excited. I love pin-up fashion, there’s something about the allure, the class, the femininity around the pin-up mystique  that embodies a fashion, a time period, and a feminine archetype all in one. Which is why you can understand my disappointment at the line that was presented.

Unfortunately instead of capturing all that cool shit I just pontificated about above, the line they gave us only borrowed some of the shape and structure of the 1940s (and we’re talking “inspired by” not “based on a true story”) without any of the BAM! The sexy is missing, the dresses are bulky rather than figure flattering, and there’s an appalling (APPALLING!) amount of plaid and pastel.

I ALMOST like this one...

I guess at least they got the hair right?


~ by N/A on December 13, 2011.

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