Lust List: Gareth Pugh SP 2012 Putting Sexy Back in Spring

I’ve raved about Gareth Pugh before, most recently in relation to his newest collaboration with MAC cosmetics, and previously about his awesome leather-based Winter 2010 line, and I figured I better take a moment to rave about his Spring 2012 collection as well. 

I’m not usually a giant fan Spring lines generally speaking, as they tend to sport lighter colors and pastels :p but Pugh’s bondage-like styling means that his stuff looks good in any color. Luckily while giving a nod to spring by having a lot of creams and whites in this particular line, he still doesn’teschew the ever fashionable black leather. And I’m LOVING the strappy theme he’s got going on.

You can check out the whole line on here.













~ by N/A on December 5, 2011.

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