Lust List: Garth Pugh does MAC

Some of you might remember that I’ve posted about Garth Pugh before, mostly drooling over the designer’s leather heavy Fall 2010 line. He’s good at creating super sexy but still simple styles that are nearly wearable for the average gal, even his Spring 2012 line makes me wish I lived somewhere where it was acceptable to walk around with a ton of skin showing, but that’s beside the point.

Thanks to Haute Macabre I’m now in severe lust with his new collaboration with MAC cosmetics (mmmm….MAC) and like his fashion sense, the line is full of dark, sexy, not-quite-gothy awesomeness. Anyone try this line? If so send me samples…


~ by N/A on November 30, 2011.

One Response to “Lust List: Garth Pugh does MAC”

  1. […] raved about Gareth Pugh before, most recently in relation to his newest collaboration with MAC cosmetics, and previously about his awesome leather-based Winter 2010 line, and I figured I better take a […]

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