Oh gentle reader, how I’ve neglected you!

Over the past year between working full time and a full time Masters degree program it’s left me precious little time for blogging about all the fashion, shoes, history, politics, and other lovable stuff as I’ve endeavored to make my brain bigger.

So I’m back! And I have all sorts of lovely tidbits for you…

First and foremost, for those of you that love lingerie and have a giant lust list, you must, MUST check out The Lingerie Addict. The hottie that runs this blog offers reviews, tips, gift guides, guest blogs, sale info, and various interesting articles about…well…lingerie. If you’re as much of a junkie for under-things as I am you must check it out!

Many of you know I also enjoy some GOOD history, and though my last (long ago) post was about Mike Dash’s Blog: A Blast From the Past, he’s since been picked up by the Smithsonian History Blog: Past Imperfect. Past imperfect covers all sorts of awesome stuff, mostly in an investigatory format, written by Mike Dash and some other historians

slash writers that Smithsonian has on staff.








In terms of shopping I’ve recently discovered some awesome sites like Last Call by Neiman Markus where (and I’m really just bragging now) managed to pick up these awesome boots (below).

Also, you might notice some more fitness related posts (especially as it relates to running) as I recently completed my first half marathon in September (Fuck yeah!) If you’re into tracking your fitness check out the totally awesome Run Keeper app (iphone/ andriod, and it’s free!) It tracks your time, distance, route, even elevation, and it’s great for a pick me up when you see that you’ve run (or biked, or whatever) hundreds of miles! If you do pick up RunKeeper join my street team!

Ok, I think that about rounds it up for today, stay tuned for more interesting fashion, history, culture, shoe, and lingerie news, and much much more!


~ by N/A on November 29, 2011.

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