Lust List> Fall Shoe Report: I Need To Make More Money

I made the mistake of opening up the MONSTER 726 page issue of this month’s Vogue and needless to say I’m suffering from severe consumerist lust, specifically of the shoe variety.

Stuart Wietzman's "Ironlady" Bootie.

With the prolific use of buckles this Fall/ Winter 2010, designers like Stuart Wietzman (left), and Report (right) are bringing back that awesome punk look with all the sleek leather of fetish fashion. Even Vera Wang is featuring sleek thigh high leather books for this Fall.

Of course, all this hotness will run you between $400-$700 depending on your poison; personally I’m keeping my fingers crossed for cheap knock-offs.

Throw in some March Jacobs leather leggings and you have a so-freaking-hot-it’s-dangerous look that I might start selling myself on the street corner to get (kidding! It would be an upscale hotel). 

REPORT Signature "Thompson" Sandal


~ by N/A on August 21, 2010.

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