Lust List: The Fetish Couture Masks of Bob Basset

While some of Bob Basset’s creations look like something Lord Humungus would wear if he was sexified instead of terrifying, the craftsmanship that clearly went into the leather and metal work of his masks speaks for itself.

Part Steampunk, part fetish gimp, all kinds of awesome, his masks are awesome, and I want one. Sadly his LiveJournal is the only link I can find, and his blog posts are all in…uh…not English, so I don’t have a whole lot of information on him, or if his works are at all purchasable.

Do any readers have more info on this guy or his masks?

PS: While doing a google search for Lord Humungous I found this site which MADE MY DAY: Humungus for Governor.


~ by N/A on July 22, 2010.

One Response to “Lust List: The Fetish Couture Masks of Bob Basset”

  1. He’s Ukrainian. I believe he sells most of his stuff via ebay:

    You can also commission stuff from him:

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