Lust List: Macabre Jewelry from Violet Darkling

From the “Stuff I really want, but will never be able to afford unless someone wants to be my sugar-anything” file comes the gorgeous macabre jewelry of Violet Darkling.

Everything on the site is beautiful but very expensive starting at around $300US. I love the style of the rings (left) intended to be viewed from the front of your finger, or the contrast of the dangling spider earrings (right).

They even do awesome cufflinks as seen below. Apparently there’s even a “nightwear” collection (which I can only desperately hope is lingerie) coming soon, but much of the site is still under construction.

But as always, just because I can’t afford it, doesn’t mean that it’s not going on my lust list.


~ by N/A on July 22, 2010.

3 Responses to “Lust List: Macabre Jewelry from Violet Darkling”

  1. I agree! Its amazing!
    Think the prices are okay though. And its definitely something worth saving for hahaha..

  2. Gorgeous! You keep adding things to my list of things I want but can’t afford….. Cut it out! 🙂

    • I do the same thing to myself Lori. I keep telling myself that the “Lust List” will be something I come back to when I’m disgustingly rich so I can buy every beautiful overpriced thing I ever wanted.

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