Lust List: Dita Von Teese and Jean Paul Gaultier. Yes Please!

Whether you’re lusting after Dita herself or Jean Paul Gaultier’s new La Pearla Capsule Collection there’s something for everyone to love from this Haute Couture fashion show.

Apparently Jean Paul enlisted Dita not only to model his new outer wear and lingerie, but to preform a strip tease on the runway.

From the article in Style @ Spreadit:

“French designer Jean-Paul Gaultier and US burlesque star Dita Von Teese appeared at the end of Gaultier’s fashion show in Paris last night. He is most famous for having placed Madonna in a cone shaped bra, and now has had burlesque artist Dita Von Teese performing a striptease on the catwalk. The story has caused quite a stir in the fashion community.
Von Teese had participated earlier in the event, and had worn a long-sleeved black dress that was floor-length. Nothing seemed to be out of place as her outfit meshed well with the other model’s outfits, that is, until she ripped it off. The dress ripped apart in a number of different sections, beginning with the left sleeve. Beneath the dress, she was wearing a nude mesh corset. It was a bit of a shock to those who were in attendance.

Gaultier is known for his daring moves in the fashion industry, and this is just another attempt by l’enfant terrible to put a twist on his conventional-styled fashion show. Having Von Teese perform a strip-tease while walking down the catwalk was a daring move that offended some in the audience.
The show also featured a number of long, waving skirts that stretched down toward the floor. Gaultier recently designed a high-end line for an Italian lingerie label, and may have been attempting to promote his newest work with the Von Teese striptease maneuver.”


~ by N/A on July 20, 2010.

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