Freaking Amazing, and a Bit Sad: Photos From The Pacific During WWII

Well my darlings, it seems to be a World War II oriented day as earlier I posted pictures and links to Life Magazine’s online feature: “Inside Hitler’s Bunker.”

In the same vein I also stumbled upon a collection of photographs from the Pacific theater posted by titled: Captured: The Pacific and Adjacent Theaters in WWII.

Even if you think you’re an uber-buff when it comes to the Pacific during WWII,  I highly recommend perusing the 110 photographs that Denver Post has put together, including photos made public by the Japanese military after the war.

Many of the images are hard to look at, and like so many traumatic and tragic events caught on film, have an eerie sense of foreboding. Many of photographs captured show young soldiers staring empty eyed from the past, surrounded by death and destruction, willing the viewer to take in the humanity of the conflict, without the clinical analysis of military maneuvers.

Warning: These photos are graphic, and often include images of dead, dying, and injured U.S. and Japanese soldiers, as well as civilians. If you’re prone to being easily horrified by the realities of war, I still recommend you view the photographs, but know what you’re getting into.


~ by N/A on April 30, 2010.

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