Lust List: Fairy Goth Mother, For the Retro-Couture-Goth

Ok ok, it’s about time I pay homage to one of my favorite UK lingerie designers, Fairy Goth Mother.

They feature an in house brand, Lulu and Lush, all fabulously retro with just a nod to pin-up couture, as well as carrying numerous other designers, and offering custom corsets and dresses. I hope Fairy Goth Mother swings my way, because I want to marry her.

Honestly, for high quality lingerie their separates aren’t too terribly expensive, most bras run between $50-$80US, as well as their garters and briefs. Of course, the corsets (custom or off the rack) go for about the standard in custom corsetry, anywhere from $400-$800US.

However, with such a huge selection of different sexy styles it’s easy to see why Fairy Goth Mother is on my lust list. If only they carried shoes… Sigh.


~ by N/A on April 26, 2010.

One Response to “Lust List: Fairy Goth Mother, For the Retro-Couture-Goth”

  1. How very retro indeed, love it. Is it a range that will come back into fashion for the general user or will it be a niche market, better I guess if its kept niche!

    lingerie and toy shop uk

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