Philip Levine: Screw Going Bald, I’m Going Art

When Philip Levine started going bald in his 20’s, he didn’t know what to do. He didn’t want to wear a wig, and he didn’t want to go with that same shaved-head Capitan Picard look that so many other men with male pattern baldness resort to.

So instead Philip had the wacky idea to use his pate as an exciting new medium for art.

From the article at Asylum UK:

“I was receding and going bald,” he said. “I wanted to shave my head but not conform to societies look of a typical bald man who all look the same in T-shirts, jeans and trainers.”

And then he came up with an idea which would ensure he didn’t conform the normal bald man stereotype…

“I thought why not use it as a canvas, paint and attach things to my head using the border of where my hair would be,” said the 28-year-old Londoner.”

He contacted a friend and professional body painter Kat Sinclair to help him turn his idea into a reality. After shaving his head to give a smooth canvas he let her loose with a paint brush.

Keep reading for more…

Philip says he was so impressed with the result, that he knew this would become a regular thing for him and started coming up with different designs to express parts of his personality.

Since then he has penned dozens of designs which Kat has recreated on his head. These have ranged from a giant wave splashing over his ears, to his head becoming shrubbery dotted with model butterflies.”

The butterfly field is by far my favorite. Just goes to show you that with a little creativity and a “fuck all!” attitude even baldness can be turned into something awesome.


~ by N/A on March 19, 2010.

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