A Cause for Justice

I don’t usually pimp anything on this site, with the exception of mercilessly soliciting for free samples of clothing I can’t afford, but I will break for causes like

In Feburary of last year Aaron Vargas, 31, showed up with an old fashioned muzzle loading pistol, and shot Darrell Rae McNeill, the man who had been raping Aaron since he was eleven. There is no doubt being cast on Aaron’s claims of abuse, since the shooting over twelve men have broken their silence and admitted to being raped by McNeill. Even McNeill’s widow is asking prosecutors for leniency in sentencing, stating that Aaron needs counseling, but not a prison sentence.

However Mendocino county prosecutors are going for a first degree murder charge, attempting to dismiss evidence of Aaron’s years of physical and mental abuse as “self serving” and “irrelevant.” Bonus? People had reported incidents of abuse by McNeill in the past, but the police never followed up, and nothing was ever done.

I think that while we as a civilized society can agree that vigilante justice can not be officially recognized, too many vigilantes fall in the real of crazy and racist. However, the law does need to allow for the “he needed killing” defense.

If you’re a fan of legal shows like Boston Legal you’ll recall all those scenes where they lawyer says in a calm confident voice “It doesn’t matter if you agree with the defendent’s actions personally, the question here is whether the law was broken.” In fact, according to the Fully Informed Jury Association, a jury may vote to acquit if the facts of the case don’t support the charges, or if the jury feels that the law is being unjustly applied. The founding fathers didn’t give you a right to trial by a jury of your peers to decide the facts apply to the case, but to allow fellow citizens to prevent abuses of power by a tyrannical court system.

So please, DONATE to Aaron Vargas’ legal defense fund, and if you’re called for jury duty in this, or any other case don’t try and “get out of it” but do your civic duty. You could be involved in a case or ruling that set a precedent for better laws, and a better justice system.


~ by N/A on February 28, 2010.

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