Ok Ok, Augmented Reality Tattoo Blows Your Geeky Little Mind

Yes, my little nerdlets, what you see before you is being pimped as an “augmented reality tattoo.” What is it? It’s a barcode tattoo that when viewed through a special camera with special software shows up as the skin version of an animated gif.

Why? Who fucking knows. If we could get to the point where you could actually animate  a tattoo without the need for a special camera (think a beating heart, or moving flowers) I’d be totally down, but right now it just looks like you have a box tattooed on you.

As someone who’s had a UV reactive tattoo, let me tell you, there’s nothing more of a buzz kill than saying “Hold on while I get this special light/camera/whatever so you can see how cool my tattoo really is. No really! Why are you putting your pants back on? You don’t have to leave…”

Check out the video of the animated FLYING DRAGON tattoo, sure to impress all the ladies, below.


~ by N/A on February 17, 2010.

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