Coco-A-GoGo: Big Girls Rock V Magazine’s Size Issue

In my effort to not be a “sizeist” (though yeah, I admit, I kind of am) I figured I’d post V Magazine’s photo shoot for their Size issue for January 2010. Currently an exclusive preview of the photo shoot up on their site.

Having been a big girl myself, I have a lot of respect for beautiful curvy women willing to strut their stuff in front of the camera. There are plenty of gorgeous beautiful women who are not a size 6.

I’ll admit that my politics do come into play a bit here, because while big can be beautiful, I think there is a serious issue with obesity in this country, and in my mind a healthy woman (or man) is sexy. But I don’t want to discriminate against the loads of folks out there who are healthy, exercise and eat right, and due to genetics have a larger carriage.

That PSA aside, I will say that it is always fabulous to see someone with a healthy body image (big or small) put it all out there, and love themselves for who they are.


~ by N/A on February 12, 2010.

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