Too Weird to Not Blog About: Implantable Internal Bras

From the NY Daily News comes this horrific? cool? story about the hottest new trend in breast augmentation: the internal bra. Now, either this is cool or fucking terrifying, but apparently the way it works is surgeons rip the skin off your tits, and overlay this mesh form over the breast tissue. Then they attach straps and support systems that attach to your ribs and the muscles in your chest, to give your boobs that perky look you’ve always longed for…

From the article:

“Breform is like a bra cup without the straps,” plastic surgeon Dalvi Humzah told The Daily Mail. “Over time, the mesh gets incorporated into the breast as the body produces a fibrous tissue that holds the structure in place – like a permanent bra under the skin.”

“The scars are the same as in a traditional reduction and lift, but they don’t have the pressure of holding the breast up, as the internal mesh is doing that,” added Humzah. “So it’s unlikely the scars will stretch or the breasts will sag again.”

The internal bra surgery has been performed on 600 women worldwide, five of them in the U.K. The procedure takes about four hours under a general anesthetic and requires a two-day hospital stay. The Breform device has not been approved by the U.S. Federal Drug Administration.”

Did I mention that this brilliant idea was the brain child of a South African plastic surgeon, a country known for some of the highest rates of HIV and rape? In my medical layman’s opinion this can’t be good, right? And what do these magical anti gravity mesh boobies even feel like when you grope them? Inquiring minds want to know.


~ by N/A on February 9, 2010.

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