Killer Film Photography by Marco Bolognesi

Marco Bolognesi does awesome photography along the lines of something you’d see in Sci-fi or Fantasy. He combines images we’re used to seeing in more typical fashion photography, with surreal, and even fetishist themes that makes his work stand apart from typical BDSM or fashion photography.

From his website:

Marco Bolognesi is a multimedia artist with experience encompassing drawing, painting, cinema, photography and video. His influences include religious iconography, science fiction, street art, avant-garde manifestos and pop icons.

Bolognesi’s artistic identity is a multi-faceted one. After spending his childhood in an artistic environment and attending DAMS, the school of drama, arts and music in Italy, where he thrived upon a diverse means of expression, he chose for his final thesis to analyse works by the artist and filmmaker Peter Greenaway. In 1994 still in Italy, Bolognesi went on to illustrate a selection of works by the poet Roberto Roversi and the following year he collaborated with the graphic artist Guido Crepax on a comic strip. In 1994 also he shot his first short film, ‘Giustizia e Verità’, on the victims of terrorism, which was subsequently screened at the Venice Biennale. In this experimental documentary, images and music are deeply interwoven, as they are in his second short film on the same theme ‘Il Partito del Silenzio’, which was made in 1996. His overall editing method was so particular and his style so original, that both films were presented in Rome by the Academy Award winning composer Ennio Morricone, and then toured internationally around the Italian Cultural Institutes. Cinema subsequently became Bolognesi’s focus and he soon started working as a director’s assistant for some well known directors, including the controversial Nanni Moretti. Although during this period his fascination with the moving image remained, he decided to explore the potential of still images and the photographic medium.

Some more awesome (NSFW)  images after the jump


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