Ancient Roman Spork on Exhibit

Check out the ancient Roman awesomeness in the form of the Swiss Army Knife. Yeah yeah, I know I said “spork” in my title, but I thought that was catchier.

Anyhow, the Fitzwilliam Museum has recently re-opened their “Rediscovering Greek and Rome” exhbit, after a £950,000 gallery refurbishment.

While the whole exhibit is bound to be awesome (anyone want to buy me a ticket to the UK? Hrmm? Anybody…?) the Roman swiss army knife is an awesome piece.

Dating to about 200-300CE, it’s made primarily of silver with an iron blade. It has a spoon, fork, toothpick, spatula, and a retractable spike (most likely used for digging snails out of their shells, a delicacy during the period).

But this isn’t your brother in-law’s fancy swiss army knife, odds are it belonged to a wealthy traveler or merchant, as the craftsmanship and silver would have been to expensive for any kind of mass or military use. This artifact is one of a kind, and was probably custom made for the person who owned it.

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~ by N/A on February 1, 2010.

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