Abandoned Britain: A Post Apocalyptic Photo Project by Joe Collier

Joe Collier has been doing photography of modern ruins since 2003. His images are stark reminders of what happens when civilizations (even ones that are still thriving) fall. If you’re like me and love to imagine wandering around in a post apocalyptic world filled with the remnants of what humanity once was, his photographs will leave you with a graphic representation of the imagery you’d be surrounded by.

From his website, Abandoned Britain:

From mental hospitals to massive mills I have been visiting some of Britain’s most Inspiring (and in some cases uninspiring) modern ruins.

Ok the poetics of decay aside for the moment I will try to explain how it is that I come to be spending my time in some of the UK’s less well known historic monuments.

I suppose my motive to do this simply that I like to explore new places and to explore the past.  Not just to look in it from behind the dull glass of a museum, but to experience these places firsthand and to try to understand their stories.

My first visits to modern abandoned locations were made whilst on Cyprus photographing ruined villages and desolate farms left empty after the Turkish invasion that divided the island. These small and fairly unexciting trips paved the way for my first true UK visits to the Shoreham Cement works.

My Interest In modern ruins led me to study photography in college with a view to mastering the skills needed to work with black and white film, processing my own work and In autumn 2003 my first Image archive went online using some borrowed web space. In the following few months I began to develop some early attempts at web design finally resulting in the launch of Abandoned Britain in February 2004.


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