This video totally didn’t make me cry…I just have something in my eye

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My attention span typically bottoms out after 1 minute and 30 seconds, but this 9 minute video from the kids at Liberty Middle School is totally worth the 9 minute watch.

From WAFF (which I assume is some local news station…):

A video posted by Liberty Middle School students and teachers is getting a lot of positive attention online.

Liberty Middle School’s broadcasting team created a look at what makes us different as students, citizens, and humans.

It’s called “I’m Human,” and the video has already received nearly 10,000 clicks on YouTube.

The video is a collection of people holding signs about themselves, saying things you don’t always hear people say in public. No words are spoken, and the project ends with everyone holding signs saying “I’m human.” The entire clip was shot on iPads and played for the entire school.

“As people were walking out of the school, it was clear that it was the best vibe in the school that had been there all year,” said broadcasting teacher Daniel Whitt. “Everyone was high fiving. People were smiling at each other. People were saying, ‘Hey man loved your sign.'”

Photographs of Shaolin Kung Fu Monks Will Kick Your Ass THROUGH the Screen.

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There’s an awesome photo essay posted on Visual News. Photographed by Thomasz Gudzowaty (an award winning nature photographer) his images of Shaolin monks are both inspiring and downright unbelievable. You can see the full collection of photograhps on his website here.





In Western culture we’ve all grown up on stories (or comics) of Kung Fu masters, but Gudzowaty’s essay gives an insight into what life is really like for these mountain dwelling bad-asses. Seriously, don’t piss these guys off…

Making walking on walls look like it ain't no thang

Barbie Serial Killer Dairies

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This one is pretty self explanatory, and amusing! Check out the Barbie serial killer photo set at LOLibrary. I love that she keeps it classy whilst torturing a variety of Ken dolls. A little BDSM and torture thrown in just for fun…That’s my kind of Barbie.

Lust List: Strumpet & Pink – Bespoke Lingerie for the Crochet Connoisseur

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Today’s Lust List features Strumpet and Pink, a handmade lingerie line out of the UK that is so expensive I can’t find a single price for the items on their website anywhere. Seeing as this is 100% silk handmade bespoke lingerie I can’t imagine their garments fall into any kind of reasonable price range.

That said their designs are beautiful, if sometimes improbable to coordinate with an outfit. Not that I’m complaining, I think frequently folks hide lingerie under clothes that really should just be worn a la carte, as it were. Most of their pieces are delicately crocheted, featuring lots of old-school buttons (Hot!) and lacey accents.


7 Creepy Abandoned Zoos

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Environmental Graffiti has a super cool piece on their site highlighting the 7 creepiest abandoned zoos. Frequent

 readers of the blog know that I’m much enamored with the photography genre of urban decay and abandoned structures, so this one is particularly nice to peruse. I’d love to go traipse around some of these abandoned buildings.

Check out the full article on Environmental Graffiti here.



Bad Ass: Street Art by TipToe

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While surfing one of my favorite wordpress blogs CakeheadLovesEvil, I came across a post about the street art of TipToe and quickly followed the rabbit hole to his flickr account. I love street art, creating public art that’s not relegated to the whims of the snooty (and frequently cash-driven art world). Art for all!

Life Magazine: Fucking Awesome Photos from the end of Prohibition

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As you history nerds may know, today marks the 78th Anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition. The “Noble Expierement” one of America’s most unpopular pieces of legislation passed in large part due to the success of the woman’s suffrage movement, is still referred back to in modern politics when the hot topic of marijuana legalization crops up.

So in honor of prohibition repeal here are some Fucking Awesome photos from Life Magazine:

After signing the 21st Amendment into law, FDR was noted as saying: “What America needs now is a drink”

For more awesome photos from Life Magazine check out their feature: Prohibition: How Dry We Ain’t. 


More Awesome Art: ‘Soft Guerilla’ Weapons by Kyle Bean

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I don’t have a lot of commentary on Kyle Bean’s extremely cool photography project “Soft Guerilla.” It’s equally self

explanatory as it is cool. Check out more of his work over at his website.








G.V.G.V. SP2012 Utterly Fails at “Modern Day PinUp”

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When I saw on Trendland that G.V.G.V.’s spring 2012line was inspired on the “pin-up girl in the modern day” I was

Seriously...? You visited the 1940s and all you got was this lousy dress?

excited. Dear reader, I was MORE than excited. I love pin-up fashion, there’s something about the allure, the class, the femininity around the pin-up mystique  that embodies a fashion, a time period, and a feminine archetype all in one. Which is why you can understand my disappointment at the line that was presented.

Unfortunately instead of capturing all that cool shit I just pontificated about above, the line they gave us only borrowed some of the shape and structure of the 1940s (and we’re talking “inspired by” not “based on a true story”) without any of the BAM! The sexy is missing, the dresses are bulky rather than figure flattering, and there’s an appalling (APPALLING!) amount of plaid and pastel.

I ALMOST like this one...

I guess at least they got the hair right?

Lust List: Mimi Yoon Makes Me Wish I Had Talent…and Money

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Mimi Yoon is an artist I stumbled upon whilst I was taking a blog sabbatical, but I really want to take a minute to call out  her art. It’s sexy, it’s modern, frequently focusing on female figures, she puts feeling into her pieces while keeping the overall aesthetic ultra modern and super sexy (including some classic Japanese tentacle rape with a new twist).

If I made mad cash (which I don’t) I’d buy some GIANT prints of her pieces and scatter them all around my mansion. As it is I’ll settle for some poster sized prints in my studio apartment…

And while surfing her RedBubble site for the images for this post, I discovered that she has one of her prints on a giant billboard in San Francisco! Fucking Awesome!